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Meet our team.

Scotland’s favourite sound and light show is brought together by a very friendly bunch of talented people, mixing the creativity of some of the UK’s leading talents in lighting, sound and production with the equally important talent of a small army of stewards, departures staff, site management bods and our management team.

Our Creative Team.

Visual Design lead by Kate Bonney and Simon Hayes. Music and Soundscapes composed, performed and produced by Jon Beales and Rachel Cullen.

The design process starts with choosing a theme which will bring the whole show together. Inspiration can come from anywhere; from art to architecture, from nature to newspapers. We give careful consideration to planning the route through the forest in order to stimulate the imaginations of children and adults alike, as the audience journeys through both sensory spectacle and moments of calm.

Together we identify specific technical effects to create key dramatic moments. The music and sound is developed organically and refined over a period of months into distinct pieces for different parts of the site. Meanwhile detailed plans and lists of all the different equipment we need are generated and refined until we have a complete package to create a fully imagined show.

As the nights draw in we spend a week on site mixing and fine tuning the audio by day to synchronise with the lighting and visual effects by night ready to open our gates to you all at the beginning of October.

Kate Bonney makinglight.work
Simon Hayes makinglight.work
Jon Beales jonbeales.com
Rachel Cullen

Kate Bonney

Simon Hayes

Jon Beales

Rachel Cullen

Our Show Management Team.

We are incredibly grateful to all of our team members and, while they may work tirelessly behind the scenes, our Show Management Team work on the event all year round, they are:

Executive Director: Nela Popovic

Event Producer: Monique McArdle

Technical Production Manager: Paul Claydon

Human Resources Manager: Kathryn Boyd

Marketing Manager: Tricia Fox

Event Administrator: Lesley Sharp