Organisers of Scotland’s favourite sound and light show, The Enchanted Forest, have appealed to the public to go through the official ticket sales route when buying or re-selling tickets for the award winning show, to avoid being scammed.

The Enchanted Forest, which launched on 29 September at the magnificent Faskally Woods, Pitlochry, and runs until 30 October, has an official “Fan to Fan Marketplace” service which allows the re-sell of tickets through an official channel. Organisers are encouraging fans to use this official route, which is operated by the event’s official ticketing agent, SEE Tickets, rather than buy tickets privately online, to avoid being scammed.

In the past, a handful of customers have unwittingly lost out to clever online fraudsters who have promised to sell on e-tickets in exchange for money to be sent via PayPal Gifts, who have then not fulfilled their promise or have provided tickets which had already been scanned and were no longer valid.

A spokesperson for The Enchanted Forest Community Trust, said:

“If you can no longer make the event, and need to resell your ticket, please do not try to sell tickets privately on Facebook or Gumtree as this encourages scammers to target the event selling fake tickets. We will respond to any such post with official fan to fan marketplace details in order to protect our audience from falling victim to such fraud. Instead, please visit our Fan-to-Fan Marketplace service which will allow you to re-sell your tickets safely and securely and avoid being targeted by scammers.

“Sadly, this kind of fraud has happened in the past, and continues to be an issue for events up and down the country, and we are trying to clamp down on this issue to protect our visitors. We want to avoid any Enchanted Forest fans not being able to access and enjoy the event because they’ve been so desperate to purchase tickets that they’ve fallen foul of some very sophisticated scams.”

If you are no longer able to make the event and wish to resell your tickets, please do this through the official “Fan to Fan Marketplace” service, which can be accessed here:

If you wish to attend the show, which this year is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and have not yet bought your tickets, tickets can still be purchased via the Enchanted Forest website: