Spooky Wood: At the Heart of a UFO Investigation

An award winning Perthshire tourist attraction that claims visitors will experience a light show that is, quite simply, out of this world has been assisting an official investigation into recent sightings of a UFO near Pitlochry.
The Enchanted Forest has been approached by the British UFO Research Association to establish whether or not there is any link between the Clunie Wood sighting on November 6th and the annual event which takes place at nearby Faskally Wood every year.
The event has often turned out to be the source of many such sightings in the past, with drivers up and down the A9 stretch of road regularly contacting Tayside Police, claiming to see strange moving lights and unidentifiable illuminations in the sky.
Tricia Fox, marketing manager for the event, commented:
“We were contacted on Monday morning by Matt Lyons, chairman of BUFORA, to establish whether or not there was any direct link between the most recent sighting and the event. We were able to confirm to him that, on this occasion, The Enchanted Forest was not the source of the lit object seen in the sky on the morning on the 6th November.”
Every year, we receive reports of a number of UFO sightings during the event and we’re happy to put the record straight that the strange apparitions have, indeed, been caused by a spectacular sound and light show and not some other-world visitors.”
The Enchanted Forest attracted over 30,000 visitors to the Highland Perthshire area this year 7% of whom claim not to be from Scotland. Could inter-galactic visitors be an untapped market for this major tourist event?