VisitScotland’s 50th anniversary mascot, BuzzBò, will be reaching new heights at The Enchanted Forest’s 2019 Cosmos event.

This year VisitScotland celebrated their anniversary by launching the world’s first Highland Coosmonaut into ‘near space’ wearing a special spacesuit featuring Armstrong tartan, a nod to the first human to land on the moon 50 years ago.

Footage of BuzzBò’s momentous journey was unveiled to the public on the anniversary of the launch of the moon landing mission itself, July 16th, but the Coosmonaut will now revisit the cosmos from the safety of planet earth during his stay at The Enchanted Forest throughout the month of October.

The 2019 show takes its inspiration from the vastness and natural beauty of the skies that sit above the forest. Whilst visitors will be able to enjoy the security and familiarity of their forest surroundings, the show will encourage visitors to sense the awe and wonderment of the looking up to the sky through the tree canopy and be captivated by the cosmos.

New for 2019 is the Geodome, a 7m inflatable projection dome, accommodating approximately 60 people per showing. A completely immersive experience, it gives those within it the impression they are flying through the Cosmos. The whole experience lasts for five minutes.

Ian Sim, Chairman of The Enchanted Forest Community Trust, said:

“Fifty years after man stepped on the moon for the very first time, we promise this year will be a delight, particularly for those with a fascination with space and astronomy. We are delighted to be collaborating with VisitScotland to bring BuzzBò, the World’s first Highland Coosmonaut, to our 2019 space themed show. Be sure to stop by our Customer Services desk where BuzzBò will be stationed throughout the run.

“The exciting thing about The Enchanted Forest is that the theme changes every year and we are constantly raising the bar in terms of what is possible. Although this brings its own challenges, we are delighted that the team relish this kind of creative challenge and work collaboratively to deliver what is going to be a truly unique and, literally, an ‘out of this world’ experience.”

Before blasting off into the cosmos at The Enchanted Forest, BuzzBò will take in all that Perthshire has to offer with an overnight stay at one of Scotland’s most popular leisure resorts, Crieff Hydro.

Caroline Warburton, VisitScotland Regional Leadership Director, said: “The Enchanted Forest is always a spectacular event which brings people from across Scotland and further afield to the region. I’m thrilled that our very own Coosmonaut BuzzBò will be able play a part in this year’s show, promoting VisitScotland’s 50th anniversary, Scotland’s connections with space, and Perthshire’s tourism offering to visitors.

“At VisitScotland we want to champion collaboration, spearhead innovation, promote local areas and events and ensure that tourism is recognised for the positive impact it brings to Scotland. It therefore made perfect sense to get involved in this exciting project which is frankly, out of this world!”  This year’s Enchanted Forest will run from 3 October – 3 November 2019.