Charity Night

In 2016, The Enchanted Forest hosted a charity evening on Thursday 29th September where the proceeds from tickets sold that evening went to three chosen charities.

Tickets are available for the evening through our usual outlets and online.

Our 2016 charities were SCAA (Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance), Kidney Kids Scotland & British Heart Foundation Scotland.

Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) is the People’s Helicopter - saving and improving lives in every corner of Scotland as it responds to time-critical emergencies 365 days a year.  

The country’s only charity-funded air ambulance relies entirely on public donations to fuel its mercy flights, bringing help and hope to those suffering serious injury or illness wherever and whenever required. Road traffic collisions; industrial accidents; equestrian, sporting and leisure accidents; strokes and heart attacks; falls and agricultural injuries all feature on SCAA’s busy workload as it flies expert paramedic care to the scene and provides speedy onward transport to hospital. 

Emergency call outs have seen the charity helicopter fly the equivalent of almost four times round the earth taking its airborne service right to the heart of communities across the whole country.

SCAA is a proven life-saving service. Yet while it operates as an integral part of Scotland’s frontline emergency response network, it relies totally on charitable donations to keep it in the air. So every pound matters at SCAA. Every pound makes a difference.

Support from The Enchanted Forest will help save and improve lives - we don’t know who and we don’t know where - but every pound we receive helps keep us in the air and able to respond rapidly to those most in need.

Sally Cameron, Head of Fundraising at SCAA, said:

“SCAA is extremely grateful for this support - a donation that could mean the difference between life and death for someone in desperate need of an air ambulance when speed and urgent medical attention are critical factors in their chance of survival.”     

Visit SCAA Website

Kidney Kids Scotland

Founded as a Charitable Trust in 2000 to help children with renal illness. Providing direct support for families across Scotland, when they most need it continues to be a priority for the charity.    

Kidney Kids Scotland also supports paediatric renal services in Scottish Hospitals, supplying them with much needed equipment and funding posts recognised as being essential.  

Since its inception Kidney Kids Scotland has distributed over one and a half million pounds toward the treatment of children suffering from renal/urology problems.        

Kidney disease has no cure,and the only way to control end stage kidney disease is through dialysis or transplant. Glasgow is the only centre in Scotland where children can be treated with haemodialysis or receive a transplant.  Kidney Kids Scotland have supplied the Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow with all eight of their haemodialysis machines and are committed to supporting this invaluable service.  

The charity are now working with consultants and other health professionals to set up a Home Haemodialysis Service which will significantly improve the quality of life of patients.      

Visit Kidney Kids Website

British Heart Foundation Scotland

“Every month, more than 1,250 people in Scotland will lose their lives to cardiovascular disease and 26 babies will be born with a heart defect. That’s why the fight for every heartbeat must go on.  

Far too many people in Scotland die as a result of a cardiac arrest. But we’re determined to change that by creating a Nation of Lifesavers. We’re providing our Call Push Rescue CPR training kits free to secondary schools and colleges and last year we placed 60 public access defibrillators in communities across Scotland. These are life saving pieces of equipment situated in places they’re needed most, including sports centres, shopping centres and train stations.  

In recent years, we have funded some of the most important research breakthroughs in heart disease, and that is thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We are currently investing in research at universities across Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and the University of the Highlands and Islands.  

Around 100 healthcare professionals across Scotland are funded or supported by BHF Scotland. They look after heart patients in their own communities, helping them cope with heart conditions like arrhythmia and heart failure, and providing vital psychological support.

We are continuously working hard across Scotland to raise funds that will enable us to continue funding our life saving research, supporting people living with heart disease, creating a Nation of Lifesavers and reducing the heart health risks of future generations."  

Lisa Stafford, Fundraising Manager at BHF Scotland said:

“We’re really excited about the chance to weave some magic with the award-winning Enchanted Forest and raise funds to help save lives in Scotland. Sadly, heart disease touches many families; visitors can be wowed by this fairytale event knowing they’re raising money for our life saving heart research.”

Visit BHF Website

Interested in Being our 2017 Charity?

If you would like to apply to be one of our selected charities in 2017, please send us your details here and we will be in touch when we are planning our 2017 show.